Modern Art: Light Graffiti

       Street Art

      Photo Jessica Linderholm Sydney
Mordern art is today a wide area in terms of arts. And can be anything...
I love when you put art and  technology together in the same scentense.
Someting that is very popular today is  Light Graffiti, When people hear about light graffiti, they probably think that it is just the same as the regular graffiti with pictures and images to express theirself as artist. But its so much more and can be used in so many different ways, to small pictures to painting whole Buildings with light. 
It is very pretty to look at, according to my own opinion that is. 
I mean its also very cool that you can accomplish this  by using a laptop, projector, a high-resolution camera, and a laser, and  then just decide to do something cool with it by using your imagination and design.
I mean that is pretty interesting  taking it to a new level.
Art is getting  more and more Modern by the day.
If you want a vision of the future dont be afraid to dream and explore
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