The Clock of time
When the  birds  flew  away the  time  stopped
but  the  clock  that  were  left  behind  never  stopped beliving
One day the  birds  returned and  in joy the  clock started  to dance once again
To  the  sound  of  the  lovely birds  song.

by Jessica Linderholm
Photo by Jessica Linderholm
the  Clock of  Time

The Power of the waves


St  surfing camp north  of OZ  PHOTOGRAFER Mojosurf  editor Jessica inderholm

Photografer Mojo surf camp
Edited By Jessica Linderholm

Me  and  my friends were at  surf camp and  went  up North of  OZ.
Picture taken Spot x.P
(Det var en trevlig resa  och ng  jag  kommer  göra  igen.)

Editor jessica inderholm   photografer: Mojosurf    

Cheers  Mates:)